Safety Health & Environment


The Safety, Health and Environment Conservation Policy endorsed by the Chairman states that it is the company’s policy to conduct its activities in such a way that utmost importance is given to the Health and Safety of its employees and all other personnel who may be directly or indirectly affected by its activities.

  • All measures are taken to protect the Company’s assets.
  • The Environment and the local amenities are safeguarded.
  • The Policy is implemented by adopting the following measures
  • Ensure that all personnel acting for or on behalf of the company are appropriately dressed and trained and act positively to prevent injury, damage or loss and ill-health.
  • Ensure that the agents working for the company apply similar Safety, Health and Environment Conservation Standards.
  • To ensure that the company’s and its agents’ personnel apply Safety, Health and Environment Conservation Standards, we have developed a Safety Manual to communicate the company’s requirements and for the monitoring of the Safety Performance of all concerned.