Quality Policy

Gulf Glass Fibre W.L.L’s reputation for integrity, appreciation for customer’s needs and quality has remained a top priority and will not lower their standards, to meet unfair price competition.

To achieve this standard GGF has set itself the following quality policies:-

  • Set the specification.
  • Make what is required by the market or contract and base the specification on the particular use for which the product is intended. Consider the consequences of a sub-standard or poor quality product leaving the factory site and being discovered later at the installation stage.
  • Plan to achieve the required quality.
  • Plan methods of quality control in order to achieve the correct approach and sequence.
  • Plan resources use to ensure that the facilities are available and operating correctly.
  • Obtain satisfactory raw materials and check specifications and costs to ensure the materials are suitable in relation to the specification, i.e. not inferior or unnecessarily superior for the job.
  • Select and train operatives to ensure that they are capable and concerned in producing products that meet the specifications.
  • Plan inspection and shop floor production control throughout the operations at every stage and not merely in the stockyard.
  • Manufacture ‘right the first time’.
  • Check on defective work to ensure no incorrect machinery, moulds or process is re-used (learn by one’s mistakes).
  • Correct any quality shortcomings.
  • Check to find the cause of any errors in materials, tools, machinery, moulding techniques or design. Provide adequate feedback to ensure no repeat of shortcomings.
  • Consider long term quality planning.
  • Ensure the standard obtained at the works is documented for future jobs evaluation. This may indicate a number of significant points: the need for new plant to handle new contracts, the personnel best suited to particular tasks and the likelihood of rejects on particular contract specifications.