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Domes and canopies

1 Private Domes & Canopies - Different Shapes  & Sizes Various Various 1982-
2 Pearl Qatar Architectural Coping on Temporary Mosque & Decorative Panels Gulf Contracting Dar Al Handasah 2010
3 QREPTCO - " VILLAGGIO" Double Skinned Insulated Dome with cupola. Oxidized Copper colour 10.5m Dia x 7.2mH GGF White Young & Partners 2005-2007
4 Jassim Al Malki Villa Single Skin Transluscent Domes 5.0m dia  x 2.5mH Outside smooth GGF   2005
5 Doha Zoological Park Umbrella Shaped Canopy for Monkey Cage  Opaque 9.5m Dia x 6.0mH Al Jaffal Trdg. & Contr. MMAA 2004
6 Civil Project M 631 Inlet Chamber Covers 3.3mW x 36 L.Mtrs. Lotus Contr. KEO Consulting 2004
7 Civil Project 379/4 Screw Pump Arched Covers Insulated 2.0mW x 66 L.Mtrs. AA Engg. Services KEO Consulting 2004
8 Cable Trench Covers Arched Single Skinned Fire rated Covers 3.0mW x 84 L.Mtrs. Danem Engg. Works QAPCO 2004
9 Mr.Hassan Suweidi Villa Single Skin Transluscent Gazebo 9.0m dia x 3.5mH GGF Mr.Hassan Suweidi 2003
10 AWQAF Tower Decorative Double Skinned Insulated Dome 8.0m Dia x 6.0mH - 1nr., 2nrs. Single Skin Dome White 4.5mDia x 3.15mH, 2nrs. Single Skin Dome White 2.7mDia x 1.8mH MIDMAC Contr. CICO Consulting 2003
11 KEMCO Coating & Scaffolding Office Office Entrance Canopy 2.0mW x 5.0mL Hemispherical Shape Red Colour GGF KEMCO 2003
12 Jaidah Motors & Trdg. Co. Stair Case Canopy 2.5mW x 15.0mL Hemispherical Shape White Colour GGF Design Bureau 2003
13 Sarah Garden Single Skin Transluscent Domes 4.2m dia  x 2.1mH - 50nrs. Razak Contr. Mr.Abdul Razak/ Archi home 2002
14 Cable Trench Covers Arched Single Skinned Fire rated Covers 3.0mW x 184 L.Mtrs. Al Ka'abi Contr. & Trdg. QAPCO 2002
15 Mr.Abdul Samad Makei Villa Arched Canopy 9.0mW x 18.0mL over Swimming Pool Single Skin Transluscent GGF Mr.Abdul Samad Makei 2002
16 Sea Water Outfall Brine Channel Brine Channel Covers Single Skin 6.0mW x  120 L.Mtrs. Al Jaber Engg. Ramboll Engg. 2001-2002
17 Al Khor Housing Community Hemispherical Shapes 2.0m Dia x 1.2mH Single Skin Opaque - 208nrs. GGF Qatargas/ Rasgas 2000-2001
18 Shk. Ali Bin Ahmed Al Thani Villa Pyramidal Shapes 2.4m x 2.4m x 1.2m Single Skin Opaque - 84nrs. QICC QICC 1987
19 Police Motor Workshop Trapezoidal Canopies - 3.0m x 3.0m x 1.0mH Single Skin Transluscent GENCO QDC 1984-1985
20 Gulf Incon Office 2.0m Dia x 0.5mH Single Skin with logo relief in 3 colours - 5 nrs. Gulf Incon   1981
21 Mannai Trading Co. 2.5m Dia x 1.2mH - 10 nrs Single Skin Transluscent GGF QDC 1980
22 GGF Office 2.0m Dia x 0.5mH Single Skin Timber Finish - 3 nrs. GGF   1979