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Gulf Glass Fibre W.L.L. (GGF) is the first fiberglass products manufacturing company in Qatar and an experienced leader in this industry. GGF has been producing fiber reinforced polymer(FRP) composite products since 1978 and today offers adequate capacity,versatility and flexibility to meet the needs of its customers and allied partners. Listed area few good reasons why you should select GGF as your FRP manufacturer / service provider of choice.

Reliable, Long-Term Supplier

GGF has an excellent track record of stable ownership and management, par excellent financial strength and a brand recognized business reputation. GGF offers a reliable, long-term source for fiber glass products.All land, buildings and equipment are owned assets. GGF is backed by a much stronger holding company – Teyseer Trading & Contr. W.L.L.

Manufacturing Capacity and Flexibility

As a testament of our capacity wehave produced over 10,000 tonnes of fiberglass products since 1978. Well trained and highly competent technicians of GGF operate filament winding machines and other auxiliary machines and equipment with in a covered space of 3,000 squaremetres and utilize around 6,500 square metres of open space for products finishing and storage.Great flexibility in capacity and manpower is made possible to handle the high volume peaks and periods of lowdem and that characterize the construction and infrastructure market. GGF has significant existing capacity and the ability to expand very quickly. GGF designs and builds its own FRP products dies, moulds and auxiliary tooling, which reduces long lead times for special requirements.

Assurance of Quality

GGF is ISO9001:2015 certified which supports assurance of quality and on-time shipments. Quality is taken very seriously at GGF and it is maintained through rigorous testing of its products.

Strong Development and Engineering Support GGF has an in-housefully-staffed laboratory capable of conducting basic ASTM orothermechanical testing on its products. Few other tests are outsourced. Technical support is offered from design, processand structural engineers to assist inconceptualization and product development. GGF has  working relationships with some academic engineering partners intesting the behavior of FRP products and how FRP can be utilized to minimize environmental or corrosion damage when compared to traditional materials.

After Sales Service

GGF’s After Sales Service ensure that dispatches and documentation are done effectively and liaise with transportation contractors and banks to ascertain these. Technical documentation is done in full detail as required by the clients.

Green Commitment

GGF continually seeks to improve its manufacturing practices to further protect the environment, while providing essential, environmentally friendly products to its customers. "Green" practices ensures that customers get an environmentally conscious supplier with documentation that can aide customers in securing business with environmentally consciousend users.

Supportive Website

GGF's website, www.gulfglassfibre.com, has many features and tools valuable to GGF customers which are listed here under :

•   Downloadable specifications
•   Material Safety datasheets
•   Corrosion Resistance Guide
•   Product literature
•   Product and process videos
•   Case studies/histories