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Storage tanks & other products

1 Qatar Petroleum Water Tanks, Fuel Storage tanks, Battery boxes, Fire extinguisher boxes, Life jacket boxes, Breathing apparatus cabinets, Cable Trays, ladders, Instrument shades, Piping & Pipe joint services
2 Qatar Gas Storage tanks, Ladders, Canopies for package treatment plant
3 Ras gas Storage tanks
4 Qatar Petrochemical Co. Storage tanks, Pipe joint services, Foam tank service
5 Qatar Fertiliser Co. Storage tanks, Pipe joint services, Foam tank service
6 Qatar Steel Co. Storage tanks, Pipe joint services, Foam tank service, Car parks
7 Qatar Armed Forces Storage tanks
8 Qatar Emiry Navy Floating pontoons, Storage tanks, Cable trays, Pipe supports
9 Various Ministries Storage tanks, Car parks, Architectural features, ladders, Handrails, Grating/ Open mesh flooring, Cable trays
10 Q-Tel Storage tanks, Cable trays, Trash receptacles, Ladders
11 Banks Storage tanks, ATM Canopies, Trash receptacles, Planters
12 Private Contractors Storage tanks, Waffle moulds, Moulds for concrete casting, Lining to concrete, steel and timber substrates, Planters, Car parks, Sky light domes, Modular housing for electrical cabinets, pumps or instruments, Ladders, Handrailing, Grating/ Open mesh flooring, Architectural features, Shower trays.